Collins S-Line Lessons – a Visit to the W9EVT Shack

Have arranged some Elmering – where the student is me!  At George W9EVT’s Washington Island WI-001L Ham Shack getting first hand tutorage in running Collins S-Line Radio gear.

Having collected enough gear for my own station, but lacking any boat anchor experience, it has been excellent to have George W9EVT walk me through the basics and the tricks of the trade. In his large S-Line collection George has exactly the same gear as what I acquired.

Also had a bit of time to meet John K9IY who has retired to the Island and has a small station several miles south of George’s QTH.  John has a wonderful place and is providing a community service as the Weather Observer for the Island, taking on the task when the couple who had done it for years couldn’t carry on observing.

Off to the W9DXCC now – see you there!



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