Where are the Positive Hams? And How to Tell? – Solutions Offered Part III

Following on the questions posed “Where are the Positive Hams? And How to Tell? – Part I” here are my thoughts:

Technical Hermitage

Ok – this one is bait of stretch, but perhaps asking the new ham to “go away and teach themselves” isn’t such a bad thing.

In my development of interest in the hobby I had found none who were either willing or equipped to Elmer.  Some of the hams lacked time, and many just didn’t Elmer.  Some were themselves lacking technical depth to teach & mentor.

So I undertook a “Technical Hermitage” actually withdrawing from the local club and searching out books, web resources and later on-line & classroom learning sessions.

I started my notes and approached planning with the knowledge that I simply could not divert needed resources from family needs and what I did save to invest in my interests needed to be effective.

My “Technical Hermitage” took several years, along the way which I not only read & researched, but slowly tried my hand at various ham hobby tasks.

The hermitage was not absolute, as I would make a beeline to any opportunity to operate or learn.  I just moved past the limitations of poor Elmers, anti-Elmers and the overly busy possible Elmers put in my path.

I also quickly learned to not waste time on foolish faux-Elmers who were willing to spend some time only if it was to toot their own horns.

EDIT – This quote was sent to me once I put up this post:

“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”

— Isaac Asimov

Like a musician going off to “woodshed” – that is to practice on his own until he had mastered the horn – breaking away on a “Technical Hermitage” has a role.  In a “Technical Hermitage” I only encounter the most positive ham I then knew – myself – while teaching myself.


So these are a few of my observations and thoughts – what are yours?



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3 thoughts on “Where are the Positive Hams? And How to Tell? – Solutions Offered Part III

  1. kd7ltn says:

    Great ponderings so far, but I will add not all have the resources for such a hermitage. One thing that has assisted in keeping me interested in the hobby has been something as simple as a fellow ham offering a loaner ht to listen to the local repeaters. There are times when knowledge can be gleaned by listening to hams talk about their own equipment setup. Plus getting a new ham comfortable with jumping in (and feeling welcome) to a conversation removes such”jitters”.

  2. […] Link: “Where are the Positive Hams? And How to Tell? – Solutions Offered Part III“ […]

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