Where are the Positive Hams? And How to Tell? – Solutions Offered Part II

Following on the questions posed “Where are the Positive Hams? And How to Tell? – Part I” here are my thoughts:

Keep the anti-Elmers in Check.

Whether as club officers or as fellow hobbyists, quietly and without fanfare shun the anti-elmer, never referring anyone to them.  Would you even consider recommending a shabby restaurant to those around you?  Of course not, so why steer anyone to an anti-elmer.  When an anti-elmer volunteers evaluate if the group has enough supervision skills & time to help the anti-elmer and the learner, otherwise just don’t assist making a bad connection.

While running Hamcrams we made the mistake of letting anti-elmers offer to mentor/tutor candidates, and it was a disaster.  The anti-elmers simply did their same head games and with their the-talk-without-the-walk failure to in some cases even contact their students while reporting back “all is well, going good” they sabotaged numerous candidates before we realized what was happening.

In the rare case of the truly negative to outright evil fellow hobbyist openly shunning them is warranted, provided the reason is well known and in the open.  Again you wouldn’t recommend a restaurant noted for making customers sick, with health hazards or in a very unsafe situation, and likewise never send learners anywhere near these unsafe hams.

Also watch out for the ineffective who seem beyond reasonably eager to volunteer.  There may be something deeply wrong going on, as some clubs have found to the chagrin when that enthusiastic anti-elmer is suddenly up on charges.

Oh, if the anti-elmer gets mad and threatens to leave the community of radio amateurs (usually unless the group changes to meet their demands) let them go.  The door can’t hit them in the backside fast & hard enough.  Just as if you were eating grapes and bit into a bad & sour grape you would spit it out, the bad & sour need to be spat out.

Basically until an anti-elmer (if they can) is reformed, keep students away from them.


(BTW I’ve written about the non-Elmering type before: 

Pay No Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain – Cause & Effect of Non-Elmers

https://k9zw.wordpress.com/2008/02/12/repost-pay-no-attention-to-that-man-behind-the-curtain/ )


So these are a few of my observations and thoughts – what are yours?



3 thoughts on “Where are the Positive Hams? And How to Tell? – Solutions Offered Part II

  1. Bob K0NR says:

    Your postings on “where are the positive hams?” have got me thinking, so thanks for that! My first thought was “come to our radio club and you’ll find them” which led to “why is that?” I think it ties back to your hypothesis of “we are only as good as how well we teach and share”.

    Our local club decided to focus on education, starting with a Technician license class. As we got more newbies licensed it naturally caused us to spend time on helping them get started. Seeing new people get involved with and have fun in the hobby is one of the most motivating things I’ve seen. It causes me to assess why I like doing this stuff and making sure other people see that this is a fun activity.

    This is so basic, yet so easy to miss or lose track of.

    What about the Anti-Elmers? Avoid them at all costs as they suck the life out of you.

    73, Bob K0NR

    • k9zw says:

      Thank you for the kind comments Bob.

      Every couple days for a while anoyther idea from either my note or suggestions from various comments/emails will post.

      There is no way we can claim to have a full success story locally, though we’re trying! A lot of legacy issues to overcome.

      All best and will interested in what you think of the various ideas as they are floated,



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