Where are the Positive Hams? And How to Tell? – Solutions Offered Part I

Following on the questions posed “Where are the Positive Hams? And How to Tell? – Part I” here are my thoughts:

Stop playing the “Zero Sum Game”  – More Hams doesn’t mean less for everyone!

Set aside the silly idea that hobby knowledge and skills are “property” that somehow diminishes in value if more know things and can do things.  Many hams seem to operate this way, and these sure are not pioneering inventors who uniquely discovered the knowledge & skills they somehow make themselves believe to give them self-importance.  Whether a few thousands or millions of others, these bits of knowledge and these skills are not unique.

We are for the most part not trailblazing, the “art” has its form and the science is applied.  We are walking down established paths.  My own main station to the last component is assembled from my selection from commercial building blocks.  Even my QRP station is built from KITS – having a go at assembly of electronics is nothing special.

Rather than the “Zero Sum Game” idea – a thought process that presumes there is only so much spectrum, skill, technique, honor, DX… anyone of a plethora of axis of differentiation, and that by sharing something from that axis we somehow reduce ourselves, we need to honor the idea that “We are only as good as how well we teach & share.”


So these are a few of my observations and thoughts – what are yours?




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