Almost Field Day – Outdoor Radio Thoughts

Not much over a week until ARRL Field Day 2012 and like most interest hams thoughts are on outdoor operations.

For many it is an annual exercise pulling out the same well honed Field Day set-up – some clubs have been practicing in the run up to the event.

For many it is a weekend of “where is that adaptor? Do we have another ground rod? Why is this generator all gummed up? Did you know that xyz is broken this year, again?” and similar frustrations.

For a few brave ones they will get up Field Day Saturday and start pulling gear to take and set up. Minimal plan and much experimenting.

This year I would like to try out several different field deployable antennas I haven’t spent much time with (or in two cases haven’t spent any time with) as my personal theme & goal.

Will have to see if the rest of the local club will put up with my doing this!



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