Which New Flex-Radio Flex-6X00 Model to Order?

Ok, let’s say you ar ethe type of ham willing to put a bit of skin into the game to be atthe leading edge, and you were thinking of pre-ordering a new Flex-Radio Flex-6000 series radio.  Which one to order – the single SCU Flex-6500 $4000 model or the twin SCU Flex-6700 $7000 model?

Big choice with a steep step-up for the dual SCU (Spectral Capture Unit) version.

In many ways the Flex-6500 with SmartSDR appears a modest step up from a PowerSDR Flex-500 RX2 radio.  There may be more “slices” available than can be put to use.

The big brother Flex-6700 looks to have dual input path features that are a leap ahead.  Diveristy on multiple bands?  Sure would seem possible.

So given the product is only prototypes and the SmartSDR software is rough modules being designed, what is a person’s risk tollerance?  What is prudent?  Can a person put the new capabilities to use?

How to choose?

I’ll wait a day or so for any coments and then present my decision making process.



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2 thoughts on “Which New Flex-Radio Flex-6X00 Model to Order?

  1. Gary N8DMT says:

    These are the factors that might come into play at my modest station.
    1. Prefer $7K model if budget allows.
    2. If unable to have multiple antennas, then multi-band diversity RX not a benefit – pointing to $4K model.
    3. Would certainly try to be VERY involved with evaluating prototype code releases with the $7K model. Less so (but still active) with the $4K model.
    4. Operating time: If substantial time available, then $7K model. If occasional (but still intense) operator, then $4K model.
    5. If SDK available to create custom versions of various layers of code, then probably $7K model.

    Either is probably a radio to grow into. If you want to grow A LOT, then the twin SCU Flex-6700 would be the way to go!

  2. Walt (KZ1F) says:

    I am here looking for an answer to the same question. Being on the cusp of retirement I plan on having ALOT of idle time I can pursue my hobby in. I was so impressed with the flex radios at Boxboro I ordered a 1500 (qrp) and preordered a 6500 as I couldn’t see a viable reason for spending another $3k…again, cusp of retirement. However, I am having second thoughts on that decision. Realisticially speaking, if I am going to spend that kind of money on anything, now is the time and whatever I have for a radio going into retirement it better grow with me for the next 20 years. It’ll likely be my last. Prior to my 1500 my radio was a ts-530sp from ’82. I’ve already had to replace a final in it and patch the section of circuit board fried when the final went. I also am a firm believer in “It’s the antenna stupid!”
    One thing I am keen on is geographically diversity reception, How about an antenna that stretched from Ct to Miami! Much like they do in astronomy. At first I wasn’t interested in that aspect but it keeps returning in search of a different answer. The last Flex News helped me turn closer to a yes.

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