More on Forums – Some days you have to call eHam Trolls “Trolls”

eHam has had a long problem with its forums being overrun with “trolls.”

For the most part I avoid their forums as unreliable, basically unmoderated and fairly useless as a waste of time.

I had been looking around the SDR forums to see if I could get a feel abut how the ham community was taking to the Flex-6X00 announcement, and was surprised how the eHam SDR forums had become a virtual “troll fest” for a handful of crabby old men with axes to grind.

I emailed the eham “moderators” and used their report system, and a few threads were locked.  Rather weak effort was made by the  moderators, though one that preserved all of the hate, misinformation and negativity.

Noticed that the usual group had ganged up on a ham who had too much and called them out for their issues.

After sending him a private “attaboy” for taking a stand, I felt it useful to break my “no playing with trolls” edict to lend the fellow some open support.

Your support as well would be appreciated.,83405.0.html

EDITED June 5th 2012 after 12 hours of my eHam posting – the eHam Trolls clique have posted no less than Seven Times!  All in the first 12 hours since my post!  All the usual team-troll techniques at play.  Simply Amazing that the eHam moderators lets this open troll activity go on!  Also thank you to those hams who have sent me private emails of support – much appreciated! 




Dialoge I posted:

It would be nice if this forum could actually be about SDRs including Flex rather than being a forum for your personal vendetta.Why not just move on with your life? It seems as if that this is all you live for.


I highly recommend doing what I do – use the Ignore button on this sorry negative group.

One would hope that they care that they come across as the forum trolls.

Complaining to the eham moderator system did get a few threads locked, but it seems they are “pro troll” as it kicks up their click-ad-revenue.

Very sad as what positive input the guys might make is lost in their daily game of lurking as “forum trolls.”

Just watch the negative comments they will levy against my post.

As for the VU Module it was neither a hot seller for Flex (I didn’t buy one) and the low volume doesn’t support a redesign around the obsolete chip.

This is simply the end of life for an accessory component that perhaps one of a hundred Flex-5000A owners ever bought and less used.  It is NOT anything more significant than that.  It is axe grinding trolls alone who are attempting to make more of Flex discontinuing a very low selling product.  They won’t let facts or the company speak for itself – that wouldn’t be good “troll fun.”

I have enjoyed my Flex-5000A – now my main radio – over the last several years.  Enjoyed it a lot!   It has been worth every penny in enjoyment to me, period.

Reference the V/U module I never felt the need to buy this module and don’t see any reason to put in an order for the “last call.”

Have written occasionally about my experiences at among all the other things that interest me out of the wide scope of amateur radio’s opportunities.

Again as I wrote you privately, thank you for pointing out to the eham community that much like the emperor in the children’s story having no clothes, these eham “experts” have nothing to offer beyond naked negative empty words – the words of trolls.



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