End Dayton – Family, an Upgrade, Flex Dinner and the Road

Dayton is always a multi-tasker’s sort of experience, with everyone’s experience different.

A huge plus for me is the chance to briefly catch up with cousins, which is a Dayton high light. Midnight lit-frisbees and time to just catch up on our lives . Very nice!

Winston spotted the Gordon West booth end of Friday and said he would upgrade. So now my son is KC9FVR/AG !! He made his first HF contact under Dale N6JSX’s supervision at the show special event station moments later! Well done!

Attended the Flex-Radio Dinner and came away very impressed with both their commitment to the PowerSDR poducts (1000, 1500, 3000 and 5000) as well as the new SmartSDR 6000 series. The company really seems to have the ball and is running with it!

More on the 6000 after I am home.

Now for the 470 mile drive home…… Easy drive and we’ll listen to podcasts for a good part Winston KC9FVR/AG has a book on digital HF I bought him.

More on my return.



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2 thoughts on “End Dayton – Family, an Upgrade, Flex Dinner and the Road

  1. Kuby, N6JSX /8 says:

    It sure was nice to have our second annual reunion of the three Klan’s Eldest cousins. Wow has Winston grown into a fine young man, and one of the elder cousins was extremely jealous of Winston’s hair du’ (due that Elder is turning into a chrome dome). We tried to convince our balding cousin that getting his HAM license could help him grow hair –(but it is hard to plant hair roots into rock) I do not think Bill bit on that one. And yes we have one hold out to getting his license and he pays dearly for this fa-pas with the other Elders being Extra’s.

    Late Saturday night we all sat on my patio (drinks in hand) with a nice fire in the fire bowl, the HAM youngsters (plus one oldster Elder no-callsign) played night-Frisbee with LED Frisbees past 0100.

    The verbal jousts and ribbings were flying all weekend. And this year I got stuck with the restaurant bill. But I did get two Brats off Steve, a true miracle….

    Dayton this year was in a word – HOT (in temp). Saturday swap meet was brutle (~95F) off that asphalt parking lot, the only thing Dayton was giving away FREE was severe sunburn, but no rain. I did not do any swap meet this year.

    Overall, attendance looks to be continuing its decline even more than the past few declining years. Many of the inside regulars vendors were missing this year and in there place were non-HAM sellers of junk like costume jewelry. Even more open vender booths this year than last. All the booths across from Tarheel/Peet were empty. The big Southern retailer down from W5YI was missing.

    But my favorite peeve of Dayton was still going strong – the electric cart rentals. I got my foot run over only three times this year. And it looks like rental prices must have gone down as many of the riders sure did not look handicapped! I feel that only proven medical handicapped should be able to rent! And these damn carts need to reduce max speed too.

    The up front parking lot parking passes for the second year in a row were way over sold. It took my ~30 minutes each day of circling the lot to find a person leaving to get an open stall. The parking pass has become a hunting license – like my old days at college.

    Overall this years Dayton was unimpressive. The highlight for me was coaching my nephew in making his first ever HF contact at the Special Events station (new IC-7410). Steve (proud papa) snapped a few pics of this once in a life time event. Winston wore a big smile and was so nervous, but did it! Bill watched jealousy.

    • k9zw says:

      Hi Dale N6JSX

      “The Meeting of the Clans” sounds so “Highlander!” At least we only verbally challenged each other!

      It was my pleasure to buy bratwurst lunch outside the Hara, and yes it was silly hot standing on the blacktop eating them.

      The “Electric Amateur” is becoming a Hara issue. I too was “bumped along” from behind by an electric who couldn’t stop as fast as the crowd did. I saw a couple other vehicle/people issues when an electric and a walking person attempted to occupy the same place at the same time.

      As a revenue source the carts seem to be a success, though in mixing with the crowds they are not. I can’t imagine what Dayton looks like from the driver’s seat of one – expect it is not very pretty!

      This year I did skip every forum. No matter how good the material presented I couldn’t see sitting in forum rooms worse than the baggage rooms in an old train station.

      Dayton parking is inadequate. I know comparing the Dayton/Hara to other sorts of shows around the country is futile, but bluntly Dayton is medieval compared to any other modern exhibition setup.

      That said the Dayton Hamvention has become for me a great opportunity to meet up with family, as well as ham friends & taking in the show.



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