Flex-Radio Flex-6000 and the PowerSDR Flex Radios

So much buzz about the new Flex-6000 series and people wondering what it means to the PowerSDR Flex-5000,3000, & 1500 range?

First the new series is four to six months out Maybbe more You can’t get a 6500 or 6700 now.

Then the new series is poitioned and priced at a premium to the prsent offering.

Flex has said all models are part of their forward product mix The have created a product range of SDR radios.

I can’t see selling a 5000 for a future slot for a 6500/6700.

That is unless a person isn’t actually using the Flex – it is no secret that many operators have “Trophy Radios” to show they can afford the latest and richess rig, even if they never use it. I once bought a mint TenTec Pegasus from a ham who never powered it from new despite it being the centerpiece in his shack photos.

Putting in a refundable deposit on a 6500 or 6700 may make sense, but selling a 5000 or 3000 now sure dosen’t.



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One thought on “Flex-Radio Flex-6000 and the PowerSDR Flex Radios

  1. Lee A. Mushel says:

    You analysis of the situation is “right on!”

    Lee K9WRU

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