W9DXCC Press Release – Chicagoland Based DX Classes in September



“DX’ing from the Black Hole”

A multi-session course to be presented in conjunction with the 60th W9DXCC DX Convention (Schaumburg, Illinois)

The W9DXCC convention committee has announced it will offer a 4 session class on Friday September 14, 2012 to introduce ham operators to the excitement and fun of “DXing”, or contacting hams in other countries around the world.

The class will be held the day before the W9DXCC convention on September 15th, and has been designed for new and inexperienced DX’ers.

Each will cover a different aspect of DX’ing including operating practices, station design, chasing awards, QSL’ing and propagation from the Black Hole.

All presenters are accomplished DXers from the NIDXA (Northern Illinois DX Association) and include K9AJ, K9EL, WA9YYY and W9MU.

Between them they have over 100 years of experience that includes participation in DXpedition operations to rare locations around the world and numerous awards.

Registration for the class may be done online at the W9DXCC web site (www.w9dxcc.com) when Convention registration is active. Discounts will be available for persons signing up for both the class and the convention.

Please contact W9MU (jhudson) for further details and information.

I’ve always enjoyed the W9DXCC event, and with the classes it will be even more of service to the amateur radio community!



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