A Story Well Written: A Dark and Stormy Night by Don N4KC

A Dark and Stormy Night

By Don Keith N4KC

© 2012 by Don Keith

A deep-throated rumble of distant thunder rattled the two cans of soda pop that rested on the metal patio table. The two people sitting there on the dark, screened-in porch hardly noticed. The rain had let up noticeably and now they could hear the droplets tinkling metallically as they hit the bottom of the nearby downspout. The tree frogs sang happy songs of damp contentment from the far end of the backyard and a cool breeze felt especially refreshing in the wake of the late-afternoon heat prior to the thunderstorm.

“Sorry, Jack,” one of them said to the other as he reached for his drink. “I could fire up the generator and we could get to work but I suspect the power will be back on shortly anyway. Probably just a transformer tried to gargle some rainwater.”

“Aw, don’t worry about it, Mr. Nielsen,” the other person said, his voice much younger, obviously still in the process of changing from kid’s to man’s. “If we don’t get it fixed tonight, we still have a few days before my ham license shows up in the database and I’m legal.”

“You may as well start calling me ‘Tom.’ That’s what we hams do, you know, regardless our relative ages. First names and call signs. That’s the way we know each other.” Tom Nielsen took a sip of the fizzy drink. “I think we can get that radio fixed up pretty quickly anyway. They had a problem with the PLL losing synch on some bands as it aged and got knocked around and it’s usually just a matter of tweaking.” …… continues at the link….

Read the whole story at eHam – Link:   A Dark and Stormy Night.

Enjoy – Don N4KC corresponds now and then, and one does really enjoy his stories!




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