Hilberling PT-8000 News – Its Official the USA Model is Launching at Dayton 2012

Hilberling PT-8000 News

Simply “See you at Dayton 2012!”

The PT-8000 Brouchure (as a pdf): PT-8000 Prospect.pdf

The Announcement (as a pdf): PhotoLetterHilberling.pdf

Marcus WV4Y of Hilberling USA will have USA Models at Dayton 2012. He expects to have a number of units there, unless they are sold upfront before Dayton. Price is just shy of the $20K point, with the Euro-Dollar exchange rate playing an unfavorable role in pushing the price into the professional communications gear area.

Makes sense given what the PT-8000 represents – top notch professional communications technology brought to the Amateur Radio world.

Unlikely I will personally buy one this season, as my warchest for new radio things needs to grow a decimal place to higher side. Now if I could figure a way to make a PT-8000 a tax deduction…..

Certainly could see one down the road, perhaps as part of moving my operating desk into the main part of of our house, rather than tucked away at one end of the intended wine cellar.

Marcus WV4Y’s email is: HillberlingUSA@Gmail.com



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