Dayton 2012 – Hat in the Ring….

I’ve set aside my worries and tossed my hat in the ring for Dayton 2012.

Concerns about Dayton as place had to be handled – pondering reminded me that there is more than one way to do Dayton, and having bookings a ways outside of Dayton should buffer us from much of the rough edges.

Yes, Dayton 2012 is booked. Hamvention Tickets & Bus Passes are in hand, reservations made for somewhere to bunk, and have booked the DX Dinner Banquet and the Flex-Radio Banquet.

Traveling with will be George W9EVT from Washington Island and one of my sons, Winston KC9FVR.

Planning is moving along with a few “eyeball QSOs” scheduled with relatives and friends.

Even have the iPass reloaded for road tolls already!

Short shopping list this year – while I’d love a new Hiberling PT-8000 Transceiver the weak USA dollar rate makes this radio one I need to save longer for…. someday….

More interested in some more QRP gear, possibly the new Alpha tuner (though it too is a bit of budget challenge in a down economy) and anything unique.

More on my plans as teh date gets closer.



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One thought on “Dayton 2012 – Hat in the Ring….

  1. Kuby says:

    Yes, I too will be at Dayton for ~10yrs straight, but as a hard working (ha ha) Staff member assisting in running the W8BI Special Events station. This work gives me FREE entry and a FREE parking pass hunting permit. There are perks in living local to the Dayton area and as of this week working very near Dayton.

    All I hope is for the weekend to be like the last two years – nice and cool with only a threat of rain. As inside the no-air buildings it gets stifling with all the HOT air HAM’s can generate! I’m sure Hara has not invested any money into the buildings either!!!

    Look forward in seeing my cousins (Steve & son) it’s been almost a year since last Dayton. [Ah but I forgot last July’s Mad Hatter ride in the golf cart through hill-n-dale (swamp) of Steve driving – so wild he swiftly depleted the cart battery. Actually he drove wildly to dodge the skeeters.]

    Who knows it may be another senior moment like last year when the eldest of our three klan’s met for the first time in +25yrs. That was a hoot and we stuck Steve with the Perkins bill!

    So what is Dayton, it is a time to meet old friends and swap lies. The big deals are not-so-much, the small hard to find stuff you can find/get a deal but then you must haul it around all day. (I load up on GB’s TowerElectric small stuff – keeping the money in WI.)
    The swap meet is more of a social event and secondary to see what new junk is available at what exorbitant prices – few real deals. But you will sure walk your dogs off as it will likely take you a full day to walk all lines (and properly look) in the swap area.
    The evening events – I’ve never been part of – no comments.
    The Fox Hunt is no longer, due to liabilities and lack of effort.
    The lectures can be good, some boring, some just rehash of last years lecture, but all quit warm inside with no real air or AC.

    I have a pet peeve of Dayton that being “motorized carts and their usage”, some are truly disabled and need them BUT WAY TO MANY others +400lbs are just lazy with there outrigger pontoon thighs hanging off both sides snagging those walking from behind. Or driving over the feet of those standing. Maybe a lil walking would bring down the size of the outriggers. I would like to see only those with DMV handicap permits be allowed to rent a cart! Soon I expect the carts will need to replace buckets seats with a bench seat as the buckets are really overflowing – truly a gruesome sight especially from behind!

    FYI, if you use Dayton park-n-ride buss, be very careful, stay in groups, and do not linger especially after dark. My 32yr old son was mugged at gun point then pistol whipped/kicked last Christmas by three projects housing locals just west of Hara Arena adjacent to the park-n-ride area. He is lucky to be alive as there are daily shootings in Dayton. The Hara area is not a place to be after sunset!!!

    Usually Dayton has extremes of WX (35-85F) including some amount of rain, but the last two years have been unnatural nice sunny, mid 60’s, and when 70’s there was a good breeze (sun-burn WX). Only on Sunday’s was there a real threat of rain that did not happen but scared most of the swap meet booths to clear out Sat evening.

    My Dayton plan has been ‘one day for outside’, ‘one day for inside’, and last day to pickup misses before noon. All depends on WX, if rain that becomes an inside day with the masses – ugh. Remember, the cooler the outside the nicer the inside.

    Dayton requirements:
    …..backpack w/water bottle
    …..sunburn oil – don’t forget your ear tops and neck!
    …..good walking/standing shoes – double socks anti-blisters
    …..fold-up umbrella or better a rain poncho or both
    …..wind breaker light jacket
    …..sweet towel (I use a Packers golf club towel hung off my backpack)
    …..2m/440 HT w/spkr-mic – BUT Dayton is RFI central so expect to use …………CTCSS or lots of batteries
    …..Shorts & polo shirt are always nice in doing the inside rounds

    Stop by the W8BI Special Events Station [near the ARRL area (Hara Ballroom)] and tell me what you think. We are all HAMs – so by default we all have opinions?!?

    Kuby, N6JSX /8 (a WN9 from Manitowoc)

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