Receiving Traffic – Radiograms One Step Off the Traffic Nets

Over the last few months I have had the pleasure of receiving around a dozen Radiograms.

This more messages than I had received in the 20+ years I’ve been licensed!!

Most made it the final leg by telephone, having been picked up off one of the traffic nets by a volunteer who then kindly took time to call me with the traffic.

Joining the Radiogram Yahoo Group is the source of this welcome traffic. An excellent resource, the group supports the traditional Radiogram Traffic ideals as a living & viable testament of “simplicity simply working” in a world leaning towards complex digital protocols & message systems.

You also can join in at

There is also background on the National Traffic System and the ARRL Numbered Radiogram at:

Basically the Radiogram is “shared key” system of reducing the text actually passed along, adding a hash “check” feature, and standardizing the headers & routing information.

The Shared Key is the ARRL Number where saying in traffic, as an example “ARRL 11 K9ZW 1.895” fleshes out as “Establish Amateur Radio emergency communications with K9ZW on 1.895 MHz.”

Standard decoding increases accuracy, as the same ARRL number is always the same core message.

Simple system that is accurate, effective and from the number of people participating a lot of fun!

I’m an extremely rare traffic net participant – those interfering issues like “Work,” “Family,” “Chasing DX” and just “Life” make it very hard for my participation on scheduled nets. It is with great appreciation that I thank those who can do the nets for the extra effort to call the message to me.

Check out Radiograms and the Yahoo Group – you’ll be surprised how active & fun a simple idea is!



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