A More Sensible Digital Ham Publication Strategy – ARRL Announces Digital QST as an Included Membership Benefit

The ARRL ( http://www.arrl.org ) has announced that QST will have a Digital Edition, that will be a included benefit of ARRL Membership.

No separate subscription apparently will needed.

The email news release doesn’t mention how or if a no-print membership option would be available. I know a couple folk have expressed an interest in no-print subscriptions, so perhaps there will be one or perhaps they can simple arrange for their QST copy to be donated to their local library or a needy ham?

As a second Membership perk all of the QST archives will be available to members on-line, with pre-2012 being the same content format of the limited old archives and the new Digital QST Editions being the forward archives!

The archives I can really get excited about, as having all those articles, reviews, build projects and features of almost 100 years of QST at my fingertips is simply AWESOME !!!

I am very enthused that as an ARRL Life Member I’ll be gaining lifetime access to this huge digital repository.

Here is the announcement, with a couple xxxxx edits to deal with my individual user links:

Coming Soon: NEW ARRL Membership Benefits

Dear Steve Weinert, K9ZW

We are excited to announce two new ARRL membership benefits that will be introduced in June 2012.
In addition to the print copy of QST, all members will have access to an online, digital edition of QST at no extra cost. You will be able to accessQST from anywhere–on nearly any computer, laptop, mobile device, smartphone and tablet (including Apple iPad, iPhone, and devices using the Android operating system).

Also in June, members will gain access to archived issues of QST from December 1915 to the present (previously, only issues through 2007 were available to members). If you are familiar with the current periodicals archive (which serves images of pages), that platform will be expanded to include all of QST from December 1915 through December 2011. A second, new archive will be introduced for issues beginning January 2012, featuring enhanced functionality including full-text search.

Be Prepared!
Members must have a valid ARRL website login to access the current digital edition of QST and archived editions. For a smooth launch of these exciting new benefits, and so that you will be able to quickly access the digital version of QST as soon it becomes available, we are e-mailing you some information that will help you login to the ARRL website prior to launch.

Login Instructions

Please follow these personalized, step-by-step directions below to login to the ARRL website:

  • Go to www.arrl.org
  • At the top, center of the page in “Site Login“, enter your Username: K9ZW and the password you selected during registration.


Forgot Password?
If you have forgotten your password, here are some steps to help you obtain a temporary password which you can use to Login. We recommend writing this temporary password down prior to logging in, then Login using your username and the temporary password.

Select “Forgot Password” on the Login page

– To reset your password by e-mail:

  1. Select “By Email” from the dropdown menu
  2. Enter your Username: K9ZW and e-mail address. You must use the email address that you used to originally register for a website login account.
  3. Click “Submit”

– To reset your password by member credentials:

  1. Select “By Member Credentials” from the drop down menu
  2. Enter your Username: K9ZW
  3. Enter your Member ID: xxxxx
  4. Enter your Call Sign OR Last name
  5. Click “Submit”

Once you are logged in, select “Edit your Profile” to change your password to something you can more easily remember.

Contact Member Services by email circulation or by telephone 860-594-0200 or 888-277-5289 (US only).

About this Email

You are subscribed to receive monthly notification of the digital edition of QST. If you have an ARRL website user account, you can manage all of your e-mail preferences at k9zwxxxxx, then please Click Here.

ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio
225 Main Street, Newington, CT 06111-1494 USA

Exciting news that really adds to the value of my membership!

Well done ARRL!



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2 thoughts on “A More Sensible Digital Ham Publication Strategy – ARRL Announces Digital QST as an Included Membership Benefit

  1. Chris Bohn N0RZT says:

    I was invited to Beta Test the May Digital QST. I posted my impressions—
    On the e-zine host: goo.gl/MioKG
    On the PC version: goo.gl/5fque
    On the smartphone version: goo.gl/UOteX

    • k9zw says:

      I received an invite and have ignored it for time reasons.

      I often catch up on my magazines between apointments if out on the road, while running digital in shack if home, waiting for youngsters if doing the “Parent Taxi Service for Teens” thing, or with a cup of coffee on the deck early on a weekend morning before the rest of the house wakens.

      Faced with a screen in front of me at work, and too many hours at home, I’m just not keen to set aside a very tactile & learned pleasure of reading a print magazine just yet.

      One thing that the ARRL decision to give full access to Life Members has done, is that once I read an issue I will be passing it on – whether dropping it off at waiting room somehwere (we put a notice on these donated magazines on how to contcat the local radio club) or for a ham who doesn’t have a subscription.

      I’m also going to “liberate” the archive stack I have accumulated, as I can go back and look at these skipped or lightly skimmed issues on-line if I ever really make the time.



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