Impending major PowerSDR Update for Flex-5000A

Flex has been teasing the reflectors all week about a step-ahead update to PowerSDR and this really caught my eye!

PowerSDR v2.3.5 New Feature Alert #7: VAC for RX2

Here is the “big one” and the last one.

PowerSDR v2.3.5 New Feature Alert #7: VAC for RX2 (VAC2).
VAC2 is available only for use with the FLEX-5000 equipped with a second
receiver (RX2). Using VAC2, you can define a VAC input and output audio
stream in PowerSDR v2.3.5 for RX2 (VFO-B) that allows for either simplex
operation, full duplex operation on cross band (satellite) or SO2R
digital mode operation (with the appropriately configured Expert antenna
configuration). VAC1 (RX1) and VAC2 (RX2) can be configured for the same
or different VAC driver types, Direct IQ options and sampling rates. You
can feed wide band IQ spectrum data to CWSkimmer on one receiver using
Direct IQ and feed “real audio” to a different digi mode application
such as Fldigi on the other receiver at the same time. With the use of
the VAC2 input (transmit), you can operate S02R using digital modes when
TX is on VFO-B.

PowerSDR v2.3.5 will be available for download on March 5th. An
announcement will be made on Monday with download details.


Tim Ellison, W4TME
Product Management, Sales & Support
FlexRadio Systems^(TM)
4616 W Howard Ln, Suite 1-150
Austin, TX 78728
Phone: 512-535-4713 Ext. 223
Email: tim

I’ve commitments that make my upgrade unlikely until next weekend – but then, yeah!



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