BioLite Technology – Electricity from your Woodfire

Very interesting stove!

Open wood fires are inefficient, wasting potential energy and creating toxic smoke due to incomplete combustion. Carefully designed stoves that use fans to blow air into the fire can dramatically improve combustion. However, such stoves require small amounts of electricity to power their fans and most people who cook on wood are without grid or battery access. BioLite stoves solve this problem by converting a fraction of the fire’s thermal energy into electricity to power our combustion improvement system. Excess electricity is made available to users for charging small electronic devices such as mobile phones, LED lights, GPS and many others.


The newest versions of this stove port their excess electrical production to a USB port for charging a battery, a LED lamp, a Cellphone or even a radio’s battery pack.

Not that you would want to make this your sole way to recharge gear, though as a dual purpose piece of field gear it is pretty neat.

Have one on reserve for the “K9ZW go-pack” from BiolIte’s first production run due to ship this summer.

Will see if it is just a useful way to make coffee or soup when out playing radios, or if I can actually get useful power from it.

I also have a Firefly (Desk Lamp with Solar Panel) that can charge a cellphone or iPod. Will do a comparison when the BioLite is here.

An additional article: BioLite Stoves Charges Your Phone



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