National Traffic System NTS Training Manual

Are you also curious about the NTS (National Traffic System)?

Do you also wonder how it prospers despite all the naysayers that claim it is is a relic?

Do you have an interest in how technology is being used to do one of teh most basic Amateur Radio tasks – passing traffic?

Perhaps a read of the NTS Training Manual would fill you in:

National Traffic System NTS Training ManualBy R. Bruce Winchell, N8UTCopyright 1997

Permission is hereby granted for non-profit reproduction of this material provided this statement is included and the material is used in its entirety, or properly credited by same, if used in part.PURPOSE OF THIS MANUAL

Whenever the Authors have attended a class on the NTS, the instructor managed to “lose” 90% of his students in the first ten minutes.

They simply go into too much detail. The NTS is not a difficult service to understand.

There are, unfortunately, a lot of little details concerning the Radiogram forms. Most instructors get side-tracked by these details.

They drone on and on about details and their students feel overwhelmed.

The students seldom become involved in the NTS. They have been led to feel that there is too much to absorb.

We have addressed the need to keep it simple.

A definite attempt has been made to apply the KISS Keep It Simple, Stupid! principle to the main text of this manual..

Some of the manual contents were left in Outline format so that different concepts and statement relationships can be very clearly understood.

A set of Appendixes furnish the details on various topics . . . not the main text.

The purpose of this manual is to provide a simple teaching tool for you to use in learning about the National Traffic System NTS

PREFACE by John Freeman, KB8ZDX

The National Traffic System NTS seems, to a lot of operators, to be this big, huge, complex operation that is very difficult to understand.

Some of you may feel that you have to be an Extra with 20 years experience as a Ham to get involved in NTS because its all done on the HF bands and they use a language . . . so different that you need 20 years of just listening to understand it.


After going over this material, you will understand that it is not complicated or difficult to be involved in the NTS.

Its members are operators just like yourself.

You do not have to hold an Extra, Advanced, or General License.

There is a place for everyone in the NTS.

These materials are designed to teach you not only how to get involved, but how to be effective once you do get involved.

This subject will be broken down simply.

As you go through the manual, it will become more complex only because we put most of the details at the end.

If you start at the beginning and work your way through, you will have absorbed enough simple background information to make sense out of the rest.

The most important part of the NTS and this manual, is the part that the authors cannot include.

That part is you.

This manual means nothing unless you use it to improve yourself and your operating skills.

We welcome the opportunity to help you do that.

LINK via National Traffic System NTS Training Manual.



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