Hamvention Alternatives (2012)

As I have remained concerned over the quality at Dayton here is a list I put together for my research:

Alternatives to Dayton Hamvention:

http://www.hamcation.com Orlando FL 10/11/12 February
http://www.ham-ex.ca/ Toronto 24 March
http://www.dxconvention.org/ Visalia, CA 20/21/22 April
http://www.hamvention.org/ Dayton 18/19/20 May
http://www.hamcom.org/ Texas 8/9 June
http://www.hamradio-friedrichshafen.de/ham-en/index.php Friedrichshafen 22/23/24 June
http://www.w9dxcc.com/ W9DXCC Chicago 14/15 September
http://bit.ly/sbE9Yo RSGB Newark UK 28/29 September

http://www.southgatearc.org/rallies/index.htm List of UK Rallies



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5 thoughts on “Hamvention Alternatives (2012)

  1. Chris Bohn N0RZT says:

    I’ve only been to one Huntsville Hamfest (http://hamfest.org/) a few years ago during a two-week business trip to Hunstville, but it impressed me. Not anywhere close to the size of Hamvention, but decidedly larger than your typical local hamfest. You could be entertained for a full day there, but probably not two days (unless there were talks on both days that you wanted to attend).

  2. Don’t forget Greater Baltimore Hamboree and Computerfest (http://gbhc.org/) in Maryland.

    • k9zw says:

      Good Point Rob – there are literally 100’s of local, metro & regional hamfests of varying sizes and importance that are also alternatives.

      Some may be worth traveling a distance to as well.



  3. Benjamin KB2UGW says:

    What’s wrong with Dayton, for those of us unfamiliar?

    • k9zw says:

      Hi Benjamin KB2UGW

      The thought process started (or perhaps continued after another year’s break) a few posts ago at:


      Basically compared to other options Dayton’s “cons” weigh very heavily against its “pros” (puns intended BTW) and it could be argued that the best Dayton experiences are being had by those who do related activities like Four Days in May.

      Whether personal safety, basic hygiene (last year was sewage spewing over the packing lot, the prior was no AC and sewage backing up in the building) and “community fun” (local downtown bouncers often are openly armed to keep order)…. well you can get the picture.

      Is Dayton “the place” or is it worth checking out one or more of the others?

      A couple are easy cheap plane flights away in places that value their visitors…. hmm….



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