K9ZW Portable Kit In the Making

K9ZW Portable Kit In the Making

I’ve been assembling the parts for a field kit to do Digital HF and today I laid them out to take first measurements as I refine my design & layout.

The NUE-PSK Modem does several Digital Modes and will do CW. Kit includes a Keyboard, Thumb Drive for Logging, Cable to the SGC 2020 TX, and various Battery Packs.

An SCG 2020 Transceiver does duty. Heavy Mil-Spec type of radio transceiver.

TGE built voltage regulator handles the power control tasks.

Another SGC product, the 237 Antenna Tuner and SmartLock remote handle some of the tuning tasks.

A Communications Speaker and a SWR Meter from the spares box will fill in those roles.

Gamma Power Supply is very small and light, using Super-Capacitors as the technology.

End Fed 10/20/40m Antenna is one of four set aside for this project.

There are other antennas (thank you Paul AE5JU!!) and an optional ThinkPad to include in the design.

Presently I am thinking of modules, with the #1 having the core & deployable on its own, and #2 & #3 respectively adding capabilities and options.



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