The JT65 Mode – Minimalistic Contacts at a Glacial Tempo

Over the last week I’ve run some JT65 contacts, mostly on 160m.

These are truly “asleep at the wheel” style contacts, where 99% of what happens is one key click away with a key click needed ut once every two minutes, with any thirteen character message reception also spaced with two minutes in between.

Imagine Texting with only 13 characters allowed in slow motion with carried pigeon delivered texts!

On the upside it is a fun way to make some very long haul on not many watts.

I’ve found that the State of Wisconsin is very underrepresented on 160 meter JT65, which adds a bit of fun.

It is a stretch to put a JT65 contact in the same category as a full dialogue style QSO with freeform two-way dialogue.

JT65 is NOT a conversationalist’s mode. It is much more like contest contacts in slow motion with QRP power.

One of the keys is not expecting too much. You are not going to find out anything other than the other person’s Call Sign, Maidenhead Grid and Their Signal Report. Very simplistic content.

Next is getting a good time sync. Your computer needs to be accurate in respect to WWV to allow the software to work. Some variance may work out, but not a huge amount.

Last is to have something else to do in your shack. Believe me watching the software while it receives or transmits for 47 seconds on alterating minutes (one receive then the next transmit) is not going to keep you engaged!

Yet it is fun and the very low power is satisfying.

Hope to see you on JT65 perhaps 160m?



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5 thoughts on “The JT65 Mode – Minimalistic Contacts at a Glacial Tempo

  1. Randy says:

    On Jan 1 I worked WAC in one day. 50 watts on 20 meters.


  2. Bill AB9QU says:

    I will try JT65 if I can ever get it to work. It’s PSK for me in the meantime.

  3. Lyam N9LVG says:

    I absolutely love JT-65 and would really like to take it to the next level by operating sans computer with something like the NUE-PSK while QRP portable.

  4. Bill N7VEA says:

    South Africa (all time new one) with 15W from Idaho… what’s not to like? Heard Namibia and Turkey today as well, which I’ve never heard from here before… I think I’ll stick with it awhile.

    73 Bill N7VEA

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