Don’t Miss on How Much We Have in Common – Diversity in Amateur Radio

In amateur radio, as in most hobbies, there is a wide range of people involved–the majority interesting, amiable, and a pleasure.

Diversity is what it’s called. It is the diversity of amateur radio, unlike the common diversity of popular culture. It’s nothing about whether you are wealthy or poor, married or single, a guy or gal, or just confused about any of the above, rather it’s all about whether or not you are a courteous and able amateur radio operator.

There is so much to learn from all the others in the hobby, techniques, history, building, the code, operating procedures, tips and hints–and much much more! Make sure you try to find out all the things that are available from the diverse camaraderie  one finds in amateur radio. I know I have enjoyed so much of it.

Like any hobby, or any other facet of life, you will occasionally come up against those who you’d are not in sync with, or are in our right opposition with, and occasionally those who really don’t hold up the standards of being radio amateurs. Yes you meet the occasional scammer, thief,  know it all, crackpot, and the foolish. They really stand out in the  overall pool of radio amateurs, and with a little bit of experience you should have no trouble at all identifying these few rogue characters.

More often than not you will meet the mentor, the Elmer,  the tutor, the conversationalist, the technician, the designer, the builder and maybe the dreamer. I have found so many radio amateurs very willing to stop whatever they are doing to help me learn a little bit more about the hobby.

And I hope I am able to help others throughout my amateur radio involvement. It would only seem right to do my best to pay back, even a little, all of the time and effort others made to help me learn.

Stepping  up to the plate to be a true Elmer is perhaps the very highest honor our hobby can bestow on each of us.   so don’t miss out on how much we have in common–that diversity in amateur radio that makes us different while we all share the same hobby.




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