A Few Boat-Anchors for the K9ZW Shack

Through some horse-trading and purchasing I’ve been able to add a few Boat Anchors to the K9ZW Shack, and some long needed spares & test gear. Many thanks to George W9EVT and Vern K9EME for working with me, as well as Mancorad W9DK for selling me a inoperative radio I wanted:

Hallicrafters SX-101 Receiver needing a little TLC. while basically all there!



Hammarlund SP-600 – the J17 version with Red diversity knobs.



Hammarlund HQ-129X receiver much nicer than they ever left the factory!



A rack case for the SP-600, built to take its depth & size.



Vintage Speaker, not particularly matched to any of the rigs.



An old TV serviceman’s box full of Amateur Radio & Audio tubes, which included a very nice tube tester (not shown).




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