PC to PCB in under 30 minutes – Quick ‘n Easy PCB Fabrication

After being shown some PCBs made with these methods, I did some quick research to find web references.

I’ll be running a few boards later this month – so let’s compare notes!

With the explosion of the hobbyist microcontroller scene the past few years, PCB fab houses have sprung up left right and centre. At these wonderous places, you can get professional quality PCBs fabricated for your every desires for reasonable costs. They can range from very low cost and looooong lead times, to acceptable prices (~$50-$100) for low volume runs (‘protoype’ services). At the larger end of the scale, you can panelise your design and get even better value per PCB…

via PC to PCB in under 30 minutes – Quick ‘n Easy PCB Fabrication | Make, Hack, Void.

Another great tutorial http://hackaday.com/2008/07/28/how-to-etch-a-single-sided-pcb/



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