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Mancorad – Meeting & Presentation Saturday Oct 15th at 10 AM

With Ric N9XFD demonstrating his hand-truck portable quick deploy HF Station & Antenna Farm!

Ric N9XFD has operated from scores of untypical sites quickly setting up, scoring a few QSOs and moving out before anyone really knows he was really even there!

See you there!



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Book Review: Survivors: A Novel of the Coming Collapse

It is very interesting when a popular new novel features Amateur Radio.

“Survivors: A Novel of the Coming Collapse,” by James Wesley Rawles does just that!

One of the characters in Survivors keeps Skeds, signs from foreign lands, and has a long distance CW link when the usual modes of communications are down for everyone else.

The novel also has some CB, GMS, FRS and SWL mentions and information.

And it is a blast to read!




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