L/C Meter IIB – digital inductance/capacitance meter by AADE




Just acquired a AADE (Almost All Digital Electronics) LC Meter IIB Inductance/Capacitance meter:

L/C Meter IIB zeros out stray inductance and capacitance by storing their values in RAM and subtracting them from the measured values. It can zero out any value in it’s range allowing longer test leads and slightly improved accuracy over L/C Meter II.

L/C Meter IIB works by measuring the shift in frequency caused by inserting an unknown into it’s oscillator tank circuit. A PIC micro-controller measures the frequency before and after. It then computes the value of the unknown using a floating point math package and displays the result on a 16 character intelligent LCD display.

L/C Meter IIB will NOT measure inductors designed for 60 or 120 Hz applications such as power transformers, filter chokes or motors. The minimum test frequency is about 20KHz and these devices have enormous core losses at that frequency.

Product Link is L/C Meter II, a digital inductance meter / capacitance meter..

eHam Reviews at http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/2253

Now to learn to use the meter.

I’ve also contacted Rose Kopp N7HKW, Elecraft Cover’s lady (email ElecraftCovers@gmail.com ), about making a case for my meter.



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