Mancorad Dashes & Dots – September 2011

Hello Everyone!

A quick update on Mancorad, and welcome to our September 2011 issue of “Mancorad Dashes & Dots” club email briefing.


We’re working yet on bringing the club records up to date. If anyone has a copy of this year’s April Meeting Minutes, we’d like to add this to the files. The re-launch of Mancorad in a few weeks is the result of a lot of meetings, committee efforts, consultations with members & past members, work with the ARRL, Marsh Insurance, City of Manitowoc, County of Manitowoc, Manitowoc ARES/RACES, Wisconsin Repeater Association, Manitowoc Fire Department & other groups.

This background work has paid off with dozens of issues that had been lingering for the club now resolved, the work to restart things handled, and the need to bore everyone to tears with endless business meetings eliminated.


Look for the restart of membership meetings THIS month, with our first meeting this autumn on Saturday September 17th starting at 10AM at the Club Room!

We have our first program presentation volunteer – Scott W9JSB – who will fill us in on how the big cranes communicate – a lot more going on there than you might suspect. Don’t miss his presentation at our September meeting!

We will have a 30 minute mini-presentation on what had happened to the club, the background of the work to restart things, and a quick business update. We have very few actual business items for the membership, so please be ready for a great presentation and a lot of socializing!

The dates for the rest of the year are: 9/17, 10/15, 11/19 and 12/17 and for the start of 2012 they are 1/21, 2/18, 3/17. 4/21 and 5/19

Again, if any of you have an interesting in being on the program schedule please let us know.


As a heads up, there will be some very exciting announcements on membership extensions for full members and associate memberships at the meeting!

Please attend the September Meeting for full details, as the existing paid memberships are being extended, and expired past & unpaid classes of past members, as well as area amateurs are being offered associate memberships to encourage their involvement.

A new Repeater Supporter program will be announced.

More at the meeting and in the next newsletter!


The 145.110 K9MTW repeater will receive the controller update that has been planned for some time. so we can start adding features.

Then the plan is to relocate the 145.110 to the Franklin Street Fire Department tower this fall!

Once the 146.610 is reprogrammed to W9MTW our W9DK club call sign is being reserved for club shack and club activity usage. We’ve asked the ARES/RACES Group to provide a list of their members to be included in access to the W9MTW repeater to assist in any emergency.

Agin we have one big item, the Antenna for the 145.110 repeater that was dropped shipped to Frank’s Radio was picked up a club member and we need to locate it. Frank’s has told us who the member was, and that past member has refused to answer any questions on what happened to the antenna once they picked it up. Any assistance in tracking down our missing antenna would be appreciated!


The website is a work in progress, under construction. Scott W9JSB has been working to add content – thank you!


Except for special events, Mancorad will be very light in using Twitter or Facebook. This may change as the youth membership become more active in Autumn.


Many thanks to the amateurs and their family’s that have made donations. We’re sorting through the gear and look likely to have items that will be offered to the membership. Watch for further announcements!


The email remains active. All other email addresses may be intermittent or not working.

Club Leadership is President Tim N7TAL, Vice-President Scott W9JSB and Secretary/Treasurer Steve K9ZW


Mancorad Secretary/Treasurer

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