The Roundtable

An outstanding short story about Amateur Radio means to so many of us:

The Roundtable – A short story by, Don Keith N4KC

Nobody really remembers when the group first started meeting, heating up the band with their conversation, jokes and carryings-on. A couple of guys began chatting most evenings just below 3900 on the 75-meter band. Others dropped by when they could-some of them long-time friends of the first stations, others total strangers who just joined in to give an opinion or ask a question or get a signal report-and over the years, hams came and went, but the roundtable mostly grew, regardless the status of the sunspots or what else was going on in the world.

via eHam at The Roundtable.

I hope you have been touched by Don Keith N4KC’s story as well.

You can learn more about the Author – Don K4KC – and all the books he has written at his website



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