Mancorad – What to Do if You Are Not on the Reflector

A few straggling reports have come in from people who want to reestablish contact with Mancorad W9DK which for various reasons have fallen off the reflector.

Mancorad uses the Yahoo Groups reflector – the website URL is

You do need to register an email address with Yahoo to get reflector mail.

If your address changes, you need to update your Yahoo profile for the Group. A lot of folk forget this one.

If your email bounces too many time, Yahoo stops sending you emails from the reflector until a Moderator kicks out a probe message to prove you are all fixed up.

So if your reflector email stops, check the Yahoo Group and then your computer/ISP for Spam settings, then a Moderator or

Some of the people asking don’t appear to current Mancorad Members – not to worry, as with the reflector is an open reflector, and you basically manage your own Yahoo Group profile.

The past practice or summarily dropping anyone who was behind is dues was stopped with the leadership change, and the reflector doesn’t care if you are a current paid member or not (you should though, as a point of honor please support your club!)

Hope this helps, and please share it with anyone you hear is having trouble with Mancorad reflector notices.


Mancorad Secretary/Treasurer

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