Mancorad Dashes & Dots – Mid-June 2011

These club news briefs are posted to the Mancorad_WI Yahoo Group.

For the next several issues I will blog them as a courtesy to those not yet on that reflector.




Hello Everyone!

A quick update on Mancorad, and welcome to our first issue of “Mancorad Dashes & Dots” club email briefing.


The background processes to reestablish all of our permissions/coordinations/arrangements is going well.


We’re looking very good for the restart of membership meetings in September! We’re looking for program presentation volunteers, if any of you have an interesting in being on the program schedule.

As a reminder there are no member meetings scheduled for July or August.


Several people have asked about recent meeting minutes. What we have is online at the club website. The archives from the past are being reconfigured and eventually will return to the online site. I’m still waiting for the Secretary and Treasurer documents to be past over to me, and will get anything additional from those materials out when I get it.


As previously emailed the club’s formal Field Day was canceled.
If you are interested in operating (in class 1D) you can coordinate with Scott W9JSB, though other than operator with prearranged skeds set up with Scott, Mancorad will not be doing any Field Day operations. We are not having a cook out, overnight or any planned Sunday presence for Field Day this year.

Again point of contact is Scott W9JSB if you are interested in scheduling time for Field Day.


With all the cooperation and patience as the club is reborn – not to jump the gun on the planned series of announcements – it is intended that memberships will reflect the months where Mancorad has been a repeater support organization only with some form of extension. More on this later this summer!


A bi-weekly blip to this email reflector is planned to fill everyone in on the progress with Mancorad, on the forward events and club News Please get any items you have for the “Mancorad Dash & Dot” to Steve K9ZW. Target dates for the briefs are the the begining and middle of each month. There will be no printed and mail copies unfortunately, so if you know someone who isn’t able to get on the reflect, please “adopt them” and print them a copy of your “Mancorad Dash & Dot” briefs.


The website is a work in progress, under construction. Expect changes as it is made more maintainable and user friendly. The Mobile version will follow later.


Except for special events, Mancorad will be very light in using Twitter or Facebook. This may change as the youth membership become more active in Autumn.


Re-coordination is in process and expect some repeater updates this summer. The present repeater locations have been reconfirmed, with 146.610 potentially facing a move in about 18-24 months if that tower ends up coming down rather than transferring ownership.


The previous Club Build project was coordinated by Carl KA99WYK and as I write I have no information if the build was complete or not.

Please let Scott W9JSB know if you are interested in a Winter 2011-12 Build Project.


The email remains active. All other email addresses may be intermittent or not working.

Club Leadership is President Tim N7TAL, Vice-President Scott W9JSB and Secretary/Treasurer Steve K9ZW


Mancorad Secretary/Treasurer

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