Worlds Best Hobby – Online Book by Dave W6AQ

An online book about out hobby – well done Dave W6AQ (as recommended by our friend Jeff KE9V):

This book is for anyone who ever thought that Amateur Radio might be a fun hobby.

– Its for anyone who enjoys helping out in emergencies.
– Its for people who like to build things and have them work.
– Its for experimenters
– Its for adventurers.
– Its for communicators. 

Its for all ages, men, women and children, and is a perfect hobby to take into retirement. 

Ham Radio is a very tight fraternity with instant friendships and a large common ground. The hobby is so diverse, with so many specialties, that Ive never met a ham who wasnt eager to be able to spend more time in the shack. 

There are clubs of all sorts in cities and towns large and small. Many clubs are organized by specialty: Contest, Public Service, Repeater, Digital, Microwave, CW Morse code, QRP transmitting using less than 5 watts, and DX talking to hams in foreign lands and on and on. 

There are conventions where hams learn more about the latest developments, see the newest equipment, search for bargains at the flea market, and meet old and new friends. 

In my life I’ve made friends in high school, college, the military, and in my long career producing television and movies.

Virtually all of my good friends, after all of those experiences, are hams. Ham Radio is an enjoyable, lifelong learning experience. 

Ham Radio is the Worlds Best Hobby.

Dave Bell, W6AQ

via Worlds Best Hobby | A book by Dave Bell, W6AQ.



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