AE1S Antenna Launcher: “Say Hello to my little friend!”

Andrey AE1S has a post on a neat improved Pneumatic Antenna Gun.

He’s both technically upgraded the design, and improved the appearance 1000% !!


AE1S Antenna Launcher

AE1S Antenna Launcher

Tony Montana’s famous words as the answer to the questions: How do you get an antenna rope over a 100+ ft tree-top? Forget about slingshots or bow and arrows. Even the crossbow with optical sight is so last century :). Enter: the pneumatic antenna launcher or shall I say “pneumatic blunderbuss”;-)

via AE1S Amateur Radio Blog: “Say Hello to my little friend!”.

Don’t miss his digital sighting system for his launcher:

You only have a few days until Field Day if you want to have one ready, but it can be done!



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