Broken Bits – Doing Tower Repairs at K9ZW

I would like to pretend that every item in my station never needs service, but alas that is not the case!

Right before Dayton my Ham-IV Rotor started giving me troubles. Failure to move, sloppiness, slowness and having been pushed so hard by extended periods of extended high winds suggest that it is more than a loose wire.

Kind of think it is time to put it out.

A few years back I bought another Ham-IV and had it overhauled by Rotor Doctor (C.A.T.S.) and then put in on the shelf just for this occasion. Time to rotate that spare into service and send this one off for the same C.A.T.S. overhaul to serve its stint for some years as my spare.

The original rotor was of dicey provenience – I’m not certain if it was in the (very) used tower when I bought it, or it if was with the used Tennadyne T-8 Log Periodic when I acquired it. Either way it was likely 15-20 years old & weathered when it came to me.

Original thought was to use it as a stop-gap until the C.A.T.S. rebuild was in, which was three-four years ago.

So next available decent weekend day it is lower the crank-down (electric) antenna, pull the bolts and tip-over the remaining structure, and check everything over & swap rotors. I’ll use a couple rings of scaffold with picks to make the work easy & safe.

Will be doing an upgrade on Rotor Wire up the mast at that time and doing any other needed service.

Until then I have great coverage for the Caribbean, but nowhere else on 20-6m due to “rotor-lock.”

Pictures when I get the day off and decent weather – should be with other inspections & service on the something less than a full day of work plus or minus a few hours.



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