Dayton – 2011 – Random Notes Edition 5

Just in from the excellent FlexRadio Banquet. The FlexRadio team did a splendid job of explaining the History of Flex, the State of the Art of Flex, and with a new very wise limit on speculative forecast a snapshot of where FlexRadio is going.

We were told there were over 100 of us in the audience, and the hot news was of course the PowerSDR 2.0 and FlexControl products. PowerSDR 2.0 is the main software that runs your FlexRadio SDR hardware’s computer based operations and is a huge leap forward from the 1.1x PowerSDR family. FlexControl is the contest knob option for the radio.

Very cool though is the imminent launch of PowerSDR 2.1 with a ESQ (Enhanced Sound Quality if I got my notes right) diversity-like software function. This is way cool and allows the use of a noise antenna and your main antenna to synchronously process the signals to improve the heard signal. Look for the notes coming up on the website for a technical brief.

Then even cooler is the persistent TNF Tracking-Notch-Filters which will follow soon. I got the impression that they didn’t make the 2.1 Gold Release version, though the feature was close enough to full release to showcase at the banquet.

Attendees were give the core of a new Ham Club presentation that they can adapt as a local club presentation. Very nicely done and I look forward to given the presentation to our club.

Keep hearing really good things about Elecraft and a buzz about the Hilberling. Definitely these three, FlexRadio, Elecraft and Hilberling have my attention. These three have the right idea of what the experience of using their products should be like. Rare crowd.

Prepacking tonight for an early morning departure as W9EVT would like to catch Sunday’s ferry to Washington Island if at all possible.

Another Dayton 2011 installment once I’m home.

73 from Dayton 2011 !!


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