Dayton – 2011 – Random Notes Edition 1

George W9EVT navigating, we arrived at our Dayton Hotel without incident. We other than being annoyed that my new I-Pass Toll Transponder wasn’t activated when I bought it, so I’m expecting some wasted time to sort out the issues that will cause as I will have been photographed zooming through tolls. Glad I have the receipt.

Caught up with the 160m 1.871 Friends Net group at Rob’s Cafeteria and really enjoyed meeting a great group of Canadian 160m net participants. Hope to see & QSO more of them!

Tomorrow we have the Collins Collectors Dinner, and Saturday the Flex-Radio Dinner. Didn’t feel like doing the usual dinners, as this looks to be a chance to widen the number of people I’ll get to meet.

Really important on this trip is a chance to meet two cousins – each of us the eldest of our respective branches of the family. Dale N6JSX/8 is a volunteer at the Hamvention Special Event station, and Cousin Bill is Nuclear/Mechanical Engineer. We’ve not all been in the same place for way too many years – perhaps more than 25 – as those two Navy guys and this Army guy seemed to manage to each be overseas when the others wasn’t. Will be a blast!

Biggest news I hear so far is Elecraft’s KX3 transceiver and the return of Hilberling.

This year I will not be directly tweeting or pretending that I will somehow “cover Dayton” in blog posts – rather I’m doing a series of “Random Notes” on what catches my interest. I’ve one idea that is fermenting that it might be possible to an alternative Dayton that would skip the Hara all told! I’ll explore this more in a later set of observations.

73 from Dayton 2011!


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