K9ZW Quoted in the Local Media on Small Family Business

When not doing radios as K9ZW I do have a day job as an industrial roofer. Recently I was a panelist at our local Technical College, ending up quoted in the media:

Another speaker at the seminar was Steve Weinert, the president of Manitowoc-based Crafts Inc., industrial and commercial roofing contractors.

He is a third-generation family member in the business, currently in the process of completing a generational transfer of leadership that Weinert said “took some unexpected twists as other family members left the business.”

Weinert said key lessons he has learned about family transitions include having a backup plan. “What is your plan if something different has to happen?” Weinert said.

He urged audience members to “pick your advisers well based on their skills and your trust of their abilities.”

Weinert said he has found the Family Business Education Program and Wisconsin Family Business Forum Seminars to be helpful in “putting the details to theory. This is where the ‘rubber meets the road’ and the programs share the experiences of others facing the same business challenges.”

Weinert earned his MBA from the Manchester Business School in England. He said he has found that the Family Business Education Program “puts hard costs to tasks, shares the lessons learned from ‘doing the tasks rather than lecturing about the tasks’ and provides that special local perspective to temper general theory.

“These details and lessons are the parts of management they never teach you at business school.”

Weinert said Craft Inc. has used the experiences of other Wisconsin Family Business Forum members to “help us as we have formed a formal system of inside-the-family communications, tuned our preparations for retirements and family progression, and in how to fairly deal with family members not involved in the business.”

via Sargento keeps family tradition | Herald Times Reporter | htrnews.com.

Nice to get some positive publicity for all the good things happening at work – that “four letter word” (work) that keeps me with a bit of jangle in the pocket so I can afford radios!



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