A Little Island Time – K9ZW on WI-001L and Feed the Fish

Did a quick dash for the weekend, staying with our friends Susan and George W9EVT Ulm at Greengate Farm, Washington Island – WI-001L

Even though the CQWW WPX was on I was occupied with other tasks and more interested in spending time with our hosts and friends, than fussing on radio. Worked with another George, George Nelson, on a Pinball machine being restored and had a great time catching up.

Did briefly get on the air on 160m, joining the Every Night 160 Meter Net late on Saturday after we’d been out for dinner at Finley’s Holiday Inn. Interesting that Finley’s was using “Holiday Inn” years before the chain we see across the country, and has reached an agreement to exist peacefully with the chain both using “Holiday Inn” as their name.

The late Sunday Morning the temptation to get on the air was too great, so it was a quick 20 QSO run on 10m SSB. Here is a screen shot of the eQSL log as entered:

As always quite fun!

As an aside we were introduced to a new movie about the area “Feed the Fish” which is awesome! We laughed so hard and it was a really decent flick! Hard to describe much without being a spoiler, so here is the Amazon link where you can read about it: http://www.amazon.com/Feed-Fish-Tony-Shalhoub/dp/B00467QGU6/

Maybe we were in just the right mood and understood all the insider jokes & jabs, or more likely maybe it was that the cast’s sparkle comes over so well – either way (or both) it was a fun movie to watch and recommended.

Hope to do some more serious WI-001L operating time sometime soon!



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