FlexRadio Systems – New PowerSRD Release Candidate

For all the Flexers out there – a second new release candidate:

PowerSDR v2.0.20 Release Candidate 2 Now Available

Dear FlexRadio customers:

The PowerSDR™ v2.0.20 RC2 Release Candidate is now posted on our download page for immediate use. We highly recommend upgrading to this version from the prior v2.0.19 RC1 version, which was posted on February 18, 2011. As we close in on general availability of a PowerSDR 2.0 Official Release, we are shortening the iteration cycles to address a few remaining bugs found in the RC1 release. Please download and read the PowerSDR v2.0.20 RC2 Release Notes associated with this release.

Below is a list of some of the more significant improvements since the prior release:

Fixed ALC overshoot and corrected leveler gain target in the transmitter audio signal chain. These changes have been verified by customers on air and in the FlexRadio lab using a digital storage oscilloscope to eliminate overshoot. We want to sincerely thank Jeff Anderson, K6JCA, for pointing out a non-obvious cause of and solution to the ALC overshoot problem.

Improved I2C and SPI control firmware on the FLEX-5000 to address lockup issues reported by a small number of customers on v2.0.19 RC1. Some alpha testers report the problems are completely fixed in this release but a small number still see random intermittent problems. This is one of the last issues being worked before the Official Release is finalized.

Wide Band Image Reject (WBIR) algorithms now have improved stability at high signal levels.

Optimized CWX default settings to improve performance and window size.

Fixed CW generation on the SDR-1000.

Improved Radio Chooser logic to reduce first time load confusion.

Added a reminder that for FLEX-1500 driver installations in Windows XP to be prepared to do up to five driver install cycles. Please consult the FLEX-1500 Installation Guide available for download from the FlexRadio.com home page.

See the PowerSDR Change Log in the \Documentation Directory for the full list of bug fixes included with this release.

With over 7,000 downloads, PowerSDR v2.0.19 RC1 has been a very big success. We appreciate all the great feedback you gave us on the new CW keyer. Thanks also to all of you who sent personal emails of appreciation to our software team for their hard work.

Best 73,

Gerald, K5SDR

via FlexRadio Systems – Software Defined Radios ::: FlexRadio Systems.

It is neat to work with a Software Defined Radio and get a new machine from a simple download!



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