Sometimes SWLs have all the Fun – Listen: Secret Libya Psyops, Caught by Online Sleuths

Sometimes SWL (Short Wave Listeners) get to have all the fun!

Whatever your politics on any world event, there is usually some Radio Traffic that you can listen in on.

Interesting is the Airborne “Broadcast Station” being used in Libya – the “Commando Solo” USAF machine.

The U.S. military has dispatched one of its secret propaganda planes to the skies around Libya.

And that “Commando Solo” aircraft is telling Libyan ships to remain in port – or risk NATO retaliation.

We know this, not because some Pentagon official said so, but because one Dutch radio geek is monitoring the airwaves for information about Operation Odyssey Dawn — and tweeting the surprisingly-detailed results.

On Sunday alone, “Huub” has identified the tail numbers, call signs, and movements of dozens of NATO aircraft: Italian fighter jets, American tankers, British aerial spies, U.S. bombers, and the Commando Solo psyops plane pictured.“If you attempt to leave port, you will be attacked and destroyed immediately,” the aircraft broadcasted late Sunday night.

It’s the kind of information that the American military typically tries to obscure, at least until a mission is over. But Huub is just a single node in a sprawling online network that trawls the airwaves for clues to military operations.

LINK URL via Listen: Secret Libya Psyops, Caught by Online Sleuths | Danger Room |

ADDITIONAL AIRCRAFT LINK URL via Inside the Air Force’s Secret PsyOps Plan | Danger Room |

Perhaps you too can catch a bit of the traffic if you listen?



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