The USB Morse Keyboard

Learning to send Morse code can require a lot of dedication, and with amateur licences available without Morse requirements, the motivation can get even tricker. Once you have the motivation, ways to practice tend to revolve around using a buzzer or other sounder to practice. But that’s no fun, as you dont actually get any use out of the codes you transmit.

What if you could learn morse whilst actually being productive and making something useful of it?

That’s what the Morse Keyboard is all about. This little project I built plugs into a computer’s USB port and is seen by the computer as a standaard USB keyboard. As you tap out Morse, the device “types” each letter to your computer just like a standaard keyboard!

The advantages of this are pretty obvious:

Works with _any_ computer that supports a USB keyboard.

No special applications required, works wherever you can type.

Much easier to practice morse if you’re using it to write, emails, etc.

Your regular keyboard also works at the same time (eg for typing tricky characters).

The project is very easy to build, it has the following features:

ATMEGA168 microcontroller

Emulates a standard USB keyboard.

Programmed using standard Arduino IDE (burned with ICSP)

Uses an Eclipse mints tin as a housing.

Dual 7 segment LED display (displays current WPM).

via LINK URL The USB More Keyboard.



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2 thoughts on “The USB Morse Keyboard

  1. This sounds great. Wonder if I can get one built (I’m all thumbs). Know what would be even cooler though? One that works over bluetooth. So I can send morse to my iPhone.

  2. I agree with Buddy, a Bluetooth version would be handy. I’ve always though it’d be great to have a UI for smartphones like the iPhone that let you send with your hand in a coat pocket and receive via earphones. The former could be some form of Morse code keying. It’d be very spy-like.

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