Update – Early Spring Cleaning at Jeff KE9V’s Blog

Wondering where Smoke Curls, Cornbread Row, Long Delayed Echos… and the other Jeff KE9V Blogs & Projects are at?

Jeff KE9V posted this update today:

Jeff Davis, KE9V

Reports of my abduction by aliens are erroneous.
And Im not even dead.
Not yet anyway.

As you may have noticed by the cobwebs on the site, the moving truck has been here and the place has been cleaned out including the blog.
Yes, again and for the umpteenth time.

Theres something about the daily grind that wears on a fellow and after almost an entire decade of blogging about this, that, and the other things – it was simply time to give it a rest.

Earlier this year I spent some time putting together a list of things Id really like to do online and, funny thing, blogging wasnt anywhere to be found on that list.
I want to create more audio content – like Cornbread Road and Long Delayed Echoes.
And Id like to try my hand at producing some video content too.
There are at least three or four ham radio books rolling around in my head and Id like to get those words into the processor before I forget them.
And Id really like to get back to the workbench and back on the air.

With so much to do, who has time for blogging?

You will be hearing from me again soon.

de Jeff, KE9V

Page last updated Thu, 10 Mar 2011

(FUTURE) Content via URL LINK Jeff Davis, KE9V.

Jeff has erased the whole blackboard, whited-out the canvas, of his web projects numerous times. That is a subtle reminder folks that if you like something you read on the net, and would find it useful to reference in the future, consider making some note/eNotes – maybe a copy.

Wishing Jeff KE9V the best on his latest restructuring!



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