FlexRadio PowerSDR New Release Candidate

Nice Upgrade in the works for PowerSDR – the software that runs the Flex-5000A in my Shack:

PowerSDR v2.0.19 Release Candidate 1 Now Available

Dear FlexRadio customers:

FlexRadio is pleased to announce the availability of PowerSDR v2.0.19 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) for public download from our website. This version incorporates a totally new CW keying architecture that was written from the ground up to achieve minimum jitter and latency using both internal and external keyers. To say this is a rewrite is a bit of an understatement. We got out Farnsworth and started from “dit.” Everything is right now in “PARIS.”

We have also done significant work since the v2.0.16 beta release to improve installation and overall out of box experience on all radios. We have optimized the USB driver for the FLEX-1500 to perform well on a wide range of PC platforms. We have also incorporated a new FireWire driver with less CPU overhead on Windows 7 systems. The number of little and not so little bug fixes are too numerous to mention here. Check out the change log and release notes. A note about release notes, PLEASE READ the them to get the most from your FlexRadio (the URLs for the Installer software and release notes are to the left in the Recommended Versions of FlexRadio Software and Firmware).

We are very excited about v2.0.19 RC1 as we enter the final steps toward the PowerSDR v2.0.x Official Release. We thank you for your patience and support while we have been preparing this important release. We request you report any bugs found in this release to the FlexRadio Bug tracker.  Be sure to note 2.0.19 RC1 in the Software Product Version field as we will be focusing our attention on those specific reports.

We would like to say a special thanks to our beta team for their tireless support in testing a number of interim releases to get here.

We are taking the weekend off but 2.1 starts on Monday. In the software world it is never finished.

Warmest 73s,

Gerald, K5SDR

via LINK URL FlexRadio Systems – Software Defined Radios ::: FlexRadio Systems.



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