Update: Welcome to “With Varying Frequency – Amateur Radio Ponderings

This month is With Varying Frequency’s 50th Month online. Amazing to think that there is so much to share that in the fifth year I have dozens of stub articles I want to finish and post, and so much more to pass along.

Here is a copy of the first post from January 2007. Though Scott NE1RD has moved to other projects, and Jeff KE9V has pushed the “Master Reset Button” starting his blogging efforts over numerous times in these years, both remain “net friends” and NE1RD & I have met in person. The first post:

Welcome to With Varying Frequency – Amateur Radio Ponderings.

With so much to learn about Amateur Radio, the use of Internet Based Communications to coordinate & share Amateur Radio, and Netiquite there seemed only one way to go – to simply jump right in!

I’ve been greatly taken by the Feeds & Blogs of great amateur radio works like 100 Pound DXpedition by Scott NE1RD and Long Delayed Echoes by Jeff KE9V. I highly recommend you check out their projects.

I’m hoping to be able to touch a few topics I’ve stumbled across & share some the lessons about amateur radio I’ve had the good fortune of learning!

It is NOT my intention to post daily, or even on a set schedule, or to compete with established references, feeds and blogs.

It is my goal to share links to these fine works and maybe help another radio amateur in their efforts!

As the posts have gone up somethings have changed for With Varying Frequency:

  • The “Share Back” of information remains the first focus.
  • Doing the posts is a personal exercise. This is my second focus. That 400-500 people daily like to take a peek at my attempts to write is humbling. Thank you!
  • Unless it affects Amateur Radio I’m leaving politics alone. Doesn’t read well, and there are better places to read about general politics.
  • Recounting of Lessons Learned is important, as is the Opinion I’ve picked up from those lessons. “Your Mileage May Vary,” as they say and we may not agree. That is OK!
  • As there is no way to recount those lessons without at least hinting at the identity of local clubs, amateur radio community, and their members, that simply comes with the territory. If you don’t want to be quoted or observed doing something, don’t do it or do it in private – but you can never expect the rest of the amateur radio community to be silent.
  • Cross Posting and General Amateur Radio Announcements were dropped – there are other better places to get the latest DX News, or Emcomm Information.
  • Purely Creative Materials – like the iCard Series of Posts – were experiments that didn’t fit the Amateur Radio theme and were stopped.
  • Some the equipment reviewed costs a bit more money than most of us have in our pocket spare while we walk around. I didn’t start out with great gear and don’t (yet) have the very top gear out there, though I do have a decent station in the making. I’m willing to plan,save up, and scrimp elsewhere to have this station. You can too. I hope my efforts to better my station are en encouragement.
  • As a friend reminded me when some club things were going badly, “First it has to be FUN.” No wiser words have been spoken about these little extra activities in life – like blogging.

I hope the posts do share what others had taken the time to teach me, and the pleasure & joy I get our of share hobby.



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One thought on “Update: Welcome to “With Varying Frequency – Amateur Radio Ponderings

  1. k9zw says:

    Was talking to a fellow ham this morning at church and remembered I had forgotten one important point – my “double your money back guarantee” that if you don’t like or agree or if I am just plain wrong on something I post, you can get twice what you paid me to read it back – no questions asked!

    Seriously one thing to remember if you read my blog or anyone else’s, is that it is free information given out of a fellowship of the fraternity of amateur radio hobbyists, and not only YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) but the information is provided in good faith but without peer review, editors or any other assurance that it is correct.

    But the price is right – free!



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