With Varying Frequency – Odds & Ends Update

A couple quick items:

  1. )   If you want your comment to be published, please include your callsign or at least drop me a note at my QRZ.com address.
  2. )   Part of the reason why is the endless Spam-Comments left – over Forty-Thousand of them so far!! Yes a Spam Comment appears just about every minute since the blog has been up.
  3. )   The K9O Special Event QSL cards are a couple weeks out. I thought I had them ordered on-line, though apparently I didn’t save my work at the right time and I need to redo the order. Sorry for the delay and appreciate everyone’s patience.
  4. )   If you are interested in doing either a single or series of guest article postings, drop me a note. I feel bad about a couple submissions that simply didn’t fit my idea of where “With Varying Frequency” is headed.
  5. )   I have a slug of part finished postings to get out, hopefully every couple days for a while – but I always appreciate ideas if you want to share – again I am good in QRZ.com



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