Another Likely Radio Opportunity – some M/, MD/, MM/ and MW/ Radio Time?

Looking likely that this year may catch another bit of travel long enough for some radio operations, as trip to M/ (England), MD/ (Isle of Man), MM/ Scotland and MW/ Wales looks very likely.

We’re hoping to include a weekend on the Isle of Man in the trip, though that is far from certain:

Isle of Man (Three Legged Man)

Isle of Man (Three Legged Man)

Thinking that our England time will include visiting Family & Friends, and hopefully a pint or two at a favorite pub:

Union Flag (England is the Main Red Cross)

Union Flag (England is the Main Red Cross)

I’ve always deeply enjoyed Scotland and seem to never tire of exploring there:

Scotland's Flag

Scotland's Flag

We’ll likely spend some time in “The Marshes” and Monmouthshire, which technically isn’t Wales, but is close enough for Jazz. The few miles into Wales will be worth the trip for the extra call alone!

Flag of Wales

Will wait until the booking & travel plans are confirmed before making operating predictions.

Quick update – looking like this trip is going to push-off until Autumn – downside is a longer wait until the trip, upside is possibly a bit longer trip that can capture more of the possible UK callsign identifiers.

Fun in the planning at least!



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