Presidential Visit Special Event Station – K9O – Wrap Up

Work, weather and propagation never did allow for a return to the air with K9O after the first evening.

Had a number of people ask if the Special Event station was political – and the answer is yes, but in the way that it marked a fleeting instance of being noticed for Manitowoc.

The city’s brief flicker in the national limelight for a “safe reason” was welcome.

After the years of being featured for either horrors like the Avery Murderers, controversy like the area nuclear plants & now wind turbines (not), or as a foot note as another town in rust belt economic decline, it was a decent thing to be in the news for a visit.

It is interesting that for the most part the visit was to jobs government largess purchased at huge expense from our collective tax contributions and with IOUs to repay nearly impossible debt which we citizens also hold the bag for.

These jobs would perhaps never exist except for funding assistance from government direct job subsidy, or support from subsidy of the end product, and are jobs that are dangerous footings to build a community’s economic future. With the jobs underpinning in massive government aid being the reason the jobs even exist, they are very fragile. Any disruption in that aid and they’re done for.

What is to keep the subsidies from geographically moving – which appears to be happening for the wind turbine industry as it relocates to states that are putting up towers – what happens?

What is to keep the government cheese flowing when either the government hasn’t anymore to dole out, or decides for political reasons to allocate it somewhere else?

The office of the president did come to Manitowoc on a field trip, to visit the economic projects in an Employment Ghetto.

(Though Skana perhaps was visited just because it was on the same site as his main stop, not because of their jobs were subsidy jobs.)

It is noteworthy he skipped Manitowoc Company. As outspoken as they are pointing out this administration’s failure to hold trade partners to the operating agreements in place, this $800m growing firm was skipped because they were an embarrassing example of success without hiding behind Mother Washington’s apron & living off her subsidies.

Enough of the political worries, from the radio point the event was fun, marked a minor footnote in local history, and going through the special event process a great trial run for a special event this autumn (to be announced later this spring.)

Having a small batch of QSL cards done for the event, so if you are in the log send along your QSL with a SASE!



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One thought on “Presidential Visit Special Event Station – K9O – Wrap Up

  1. Jeff, KE9V says:


    Glad to see that your hometown received a little limelight from the Washington brass though as you have noted, it usually doesn’t amount to much once the motorcade has hit the road for the airport.

    Living in the rust-belt ruins of the automotive industry myself I can’t help but notice that at least we still grow food here. In magnificent abundance. Many of the the more “fortunate” pockets of the nation that have seemingly been missed by the ravages of the Great Recession are in unsustainable geographic locations – places that couldn’t exist without supernatural quantities of air conditioning or that require once powerul rivers to be redirected just to obtain a little fresh water. In other words, their day of reckoning is still coming.

    I’d feel better about that government “largess” in creating jobs if it were being spent a tad more wisely. Here in Indiana a company that makes batteries for electric vehicles got some of that stimulus money and expanded the operation which created a lot of jobs. But consider the irony… one reason to reduce our dependence on foreign oil is that it is expensive and much of what remains is half a world away and controlled by people who don’t particularly like us. So now we make batteries. From Lithium. A resource that is expensive and much of it is a half a world away and controlled by people who don’t particularly like us.

    We make a lot of downright stupid choices. And sometimes we make what we think are good choices at the time but later discover that there are unintended consequences with even our “smart” choices. It seems that the deck is stacked against us. Existence in this corner of the Milky Way doesn’t come easy.

    But hey, if the Washington cheese ever runs out I think we can expect the streets of New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles to look a lot like what Cairo has looked like this last week – only more violent. I’d have to say that whatever it’s worth to us as a nation not to allow that to happen is precisely how far into debt we’re willing to go…

    Stay alive!

    73, Jeff KE9V

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