Presidential Visit Special Event – K9O for January 26th 2011

The ARRL VEC has granted the 1×1 Special Event Callsign of “K9O” (Kilo Niner Oscar) to commemorate the first ever Office of the President visit to Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Two items, respectfulness of security and that little problem called “work” will keep us off the air until some hours after the visit is completed.

Tentative schedule is (times & frequencies are approximate) Staring after work on Wednesday January 26th 2011:

Tentative K9O Schedule

Tentative K9O Schedule

We may be back on 20m SSB if requested.

We will do a special K9O QSL Card to mark the occasion – QSL direct with an SASE via my call (good at QRZ).

Tentative operators Steve-K9ZW, Scott-W9JSB and Tim-N7TAL

Operations will be from the K9ZW Radio Shack, working with a Flex-5000A. SSB will run a kW, PSK 25w and Hellschreiber 80w.

Possible Operations the next day, though schedules do not look good.

Over the local repeaters some 2m activity may be possible.

Hope to catch you on the air.



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