Presidential Visit – Requested a 1×1 Special Event Call Sign

The day after the State of the Union address, on Wednesday January 26th 2011 Manitowoc Wisconsin is expecting Marine Corps One to bring in Mr Obama for a first time visit to our city.

Manitowoc has only had campaign stops before, and I hear they were over 40 years ago.

To mark this event the call sign “K9O” (Kilo Niner Oscar) has been requested.

[As of Tuesday at Noon the ( has been granted by the ARRL VEC. The special event call is a GO!]

Provided the ARRL VEC approves the call in time, expect to hear the call on the air outside of work hours on the day of the event & day directly afterwards. Details will follow on award of the 1×1 call, though expect some 20m SSB and some 160m SSB (around 14.280 and 1.890 respectively) for a start.

In respect to the security of the office, and the reality that work comes first, the call sign will NOT be on the air (or my station whatsoever) within 4-5 hours either side of the visit.

Provide we get the call sign and some airtime, a special QSL Card will be available.

[ Please note that this is an individual 1×1 Special Call effort, no radio club involvement of any sort. ]

You can read about the visit at:

More when the call sign request is acted on.



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