K1TTT Super-Station eBook, Gratis Courtesy of K1TTT

I have found several of the hints worth the paid-for cost I paid, on a gratis basis this is a must-do.



Begin forwarded message:

After Christmas discount a bit early!

I have just cut the prices on my 25th Anniversary edition of “Building a
Super Station”. The e-book download is now free, and the DVD and paper
copies are $5 cheaper than before… Hopefully none of the reflectors object
to this announcement since this removes any income I was getting from them,
just one less form to file with income taxes after this year.

Get them at: http://stores.lulu.com/k1ttt

Updated Link http://wiki.k1ttt.net/  also http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/k1ttt  (Updated July 22nd, 2012)

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