Who Moderates the Moderators? Amateur Radio Forums

Curious if many of us find Amateur Radio forums useful, the moderators level handed, and the questions posed worthy of our communal consideration?

Or do you find the various forums rife with half-baked psuedo-theories for untested never built imaginations, Moderators empowered with social agendas having much to do with their private cliques, and the questions lacking enough information to be worthy – and obviously posted by those too lazy to do any basic research on their own?

Usually the actual quality of forums hovers somewhere between these extremes, excepting in the axis of Moderators – where the level headed fair hand is a rare moderator indeed.

Recently I pointed out in an amateur radio forum that the thread was asked without enough information to carefully answer and that the answer was always 1.9 seconds away via Google!

This posed question was instantly answerable if the person asking it – a moderator nonetheless – had taken the question and done a simple websearch.

Laziness, a overt display of severe social need for interaction, or what?

Kindly pointed out the rally-call of “But He’s a Mod” echoed from the lemmings, and who-la the thread was locked, but not before a Crony of the Moderator ranted in the defense of the stupid post.

In the exchange was one good gem though – the advice that roughly read if I objected to the high handed approach I shouldn’t read that forum.

Well given and candidly honest that advice – it could have been simpler though – Truth is not Important at this Forum. Or perhaps – We Ignore the Golden Rule, so screw you Jack….

I’ve run into this organized net-troll behavior before – it is nothing new.

But what does it mean to the hobby? A forum that has no discipline to the truth is nothing but “Bar Talk without the Beer!”

Being a moderator doesn’t impress – specially if the number of posts either means the moderator ID ws hacked to show phantom posts, is being shared by several people (call me Sybil?), or worse is a couch potato who leaves the forum only for potty breaks. Some of these “moderators” show enough posts to have had to post every fifteen minutes for their every waking hour for the last 6-8 years!

Wonder when they had time to run up their radio station and log some contacts?

There also seems to be an inverse correlation between how “secret” the moderators “identity” is and how Machiavellian they are. The ones who ID themselves by name & call sign tend to be the most fair. The ones who hide behind “BeerGuzzlerWizard” or “RamboTripleX” or other such nonsense tend to hide behind their anonymity and are mischievous.

It is my contention that an unmoderated forum, or where posters can hide behind screen names and with moderators who don’t publish their names, calls & emails, is not worth the time to read. The purposeful exclusion of “Quality Assurance” makes the advice in such a forum suspect and the time to participate wasted.

Of course Your Milage May Vary!



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2 thoughts on “Who Moderates the Moderators? Amateur Radio Forums

  1. Paul Coats - AE5JU says:

    I like that on some forums not just the moderators, but other posters will insist that others post their call signs. I agree.

  2. k9zw says:

    I’ve received some “Love Notes” from folk claiming to have some sort of official status from forum X, Y or Z – all basically telling me off.

    Of course every one of them lacked a call sign, which is my requirement here to have your comment publish.

    And of course remember this is a moderated blog – so even with a call sign foul language or other inappropriate material (MY decision is final here) won’t post, or will be edited.

    Basically the same “heel-clicking” that lead to my displeasure with secret-ID and secret-moderator forums was spelled out in insult after insult in the comments left. Shame, shame….

    As for those who saw their favorite forum as the one identified in my post (gee… I don’t see one mentioned… mmm….) well, you are right – but right by your own self-identification as a forum run very wrong.

    The stub article for this post was written a year or so ago – I often have up to two dozen potential future posts in the works, some which never make it and some like this post that a catalyzing event help finish for posting.

    To the folks that would like to bring their very bad behavior from their Batman-in-the-Boondocks Forums to MY blog – simply “Sorry, no way, and good luck in your endeavors someplace other than here – but you are not welcome as a net troll here, ever!”



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